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PVRPV can also provide accounting services to any individual or company. This includes the handling of accounts payable, through the entire payment cycle, from the registration of invoices received, processing, and obtaining approvals, executed and managed by trusted staff.


  • Helping foreign business owners and individuals follow the appropriate Mexican tax laws.
  • Management of Employee Payroll.
  • Managing of invoices, receipts and payments.
  • Adheres strictly to Mexican Accounting Standards (MAS), and maintains books in accordance with both MAS and U.S. General Accounting Principles.
  • Generates Mexican accounting and tax reports in both U.S. Dollars and Mexican Pesos on a monthly basis according to individual client needs.
  • Legal procedures at government offices as SAT (Tax Office), IMSS (Social Security), City Hall and Jalisco’s State Office.
  • Financial Budgets and Business Strategies.

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