Company Overview... About Us

PVRPV Real Estate is a division of PVRPV, a locally owned, independent Vacation Rental and Property Management company, established in 2005 and the largest in Puerto Vallarta.

PVRPV is a company that is constantly evolving and reinventing themselves in order to meet the needs of their clients. Always keeping in mind, the interests of homeowners and customers above all, while still providing the very best in customer service. It is a company that is not only deeply committed to its customers but also to the community at large, the city of Puerto Vallarta.

So, holds true with our team of agents division, will provide the same level of service you have come to expect to every client looking to escalate their Real Estate ambitions. Whether you are looking to purchase property in an upscale location or a well situated, affordable dream home, our team of real estate experts will work diligently to help you find the right property

PVRPV Real Estate will make the experience of buying and/or selling your dream home the very best it can be. We are committed to working with you with the highest level of ethics, professionalism and trust, keeping our fiduciary duties as the golden rule between PVRPR Real Estate and our customers.

We will provide guidance for acquiring a reputable lawyer to secure the escrow account and present the required paperwork to the Notary in Mexico. If financing is needed, we have dealings with Mortgage Brokers to help you safely and legally acquire the financing needed to complete the transaction.

If you are looking to purchase an investment property that will help generate rental income we can also offer rental history information, on the area, the building, and sometimes the actual property. Then utilizing the Rental Services of PVRPV who can manage and promote your property to a global audience, adding your new home to a roster of more than 500 locally owned properties.

Once you have purchased your new property PVRPV can also offer Property Management Services that can include 3D photos for use on the PVRPV rental website , Bill Payments, Concierge Services, Maintenance, Maid Cleaning Service, Gardening and so much more!

PVRPV Real Estate always aims high, expanding our services to include all aspects related to this growing real estate market and makes sure our clients, community and company thrive within this process.

PVRPV Real Estate is your “ONE STOP” Real Estate choice. Helping you BUY the right real estate investment property, helping you RENT your new real estate investment property to a global audience on rental website, and helping you MAINTAIN your real estate investment property utilizing PVRPV´s Property Management Services. It´s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – PVRPV Real Estate.

We are a real estate firm focused on empowering our clients by providing all the necessary services to fulfill their desire of owning a second home, investment property or that forever beach house. Our team of real estate agents are ready to help make your dream become a reality, building a strong relationship with you while offering the very best real estate advice and solutions.

Please reach out to one of our agents/brokers and let them know the dream property you are chasing in this beautiful paradise of Puerto Vallarta. We are ready and eager to assist you.

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