Clara Vista


Clara Vista is an ocean-front exclusive luxury private estate comprised of 12 condominiums. It is located in La Manzanilla, on the Costalegre of southern Jalisco, Mexico. Clara Vista combines the sensuality of the Mediterranean with the unique architecture and the hospitableness of Mexico. The community of La Manzanilla is equally as important; beautiful and colorful as the place itself. Eccentric, elegant, educated, multilingual, and generally fascinating. La Manzanilla's specific combination of natural beauty, architecture, and sybaritic lifestyle, make it one of the world's most coveted destinations among the cognoscenti.

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  • 88
  • Active
  • $ 3,817,494.00 USD
  • Other
  • S/N
  • Sendero A Boca De Iguanas
  • 3
  • Other
  • 11945.32
  • 14
  • Ocean
  • 1110.16
  • Other


  • Location/Ubicacion: Other/Otro: YES
  • Location: Beachfront
  • Location/Ubicacion: Comm House/Casa
  • Potential Use: Apartments


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